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The Art of
Nathan Robles

I first jumped into my career as a sculpture artist in 2015, with a very cheap welder, a pile of reclaimed steel and not much more than that. Through that time I have crafted the themes and purpose of what I am saying with my work. I am attempting to depict the human experience. The journey of life, and the relationships that matter most. Our collective struggles and triumphs.

I was initially drawn to work with steel because it was so readily available and inexpensive. People often just throw it away. I have discovered reclaimed steel to be a very versatile material. I've seen the potential of what these pre-made shapes can become, and how to bend, weld and shape them into whatever I can imaging.  I have witnessed that the materials I use have had a purpose and history. And so, I am giving discarded artifacts of our past new life through what I create.  

The human figure is a prominent component in my work. I show my figures interacting with their environment and each other. Their positioning and gestures give them a feeling of movement and life. I am not trying to portray specific individuals, but rather universally relatable symbols of humanity. I want each person who views my work to be able to identify with the sculptures I have created.

My ultimate goal, purpose and passion is to elevate and inspire other people. I believe that throughout our diverse backgrounds and experiences we have innate qualities that form the foundation of what it means to be a human. That foundation is our common ground that bridges the gaps of our differences. It is looking past the distractions of what divides us and seeing each other in the depth of our being. To find how we relate and recognize one another with truer love and greater respect. 


Thank you for being here.

I have devoted everything I am to this work I am doing. Just for you.

For all of us.


With much Love,

-Nathan E. Robles  

This is
Nathan Robles Metal Art

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WE Are Creating 


For Our Time

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Sculpture Gallery

Each of the sculptures pictured here were created using recycled steel.

My work gives discarded material new life by exploring through my process of shaping metal, the theme of

What It Is To Be Human.

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