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Sculpture Gallery

Each of the sculptures pictured here were created using recycled steel.

My work is giving discarded material new life by exploring through my process of shaping metal, the theme of

What It Is To Be Human.



When I first began welding steel to make my sculptures I was intrigued with the possibilities of what I could create. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind original. There is no mold making or casting involved, but I try to give my work the same quality and detail that is common in bronze sculptures. The methods and technique I’ve developed through this medium have given me the freedom to create pieces that would be nearly impossible to actualize in any other material. This ability has helped depict the themes that give my artwork meaning. One of the recurring themes of my work is the journey of life. I am continually striving to depict the struggles, triumphs and relationships that guide us into being the individuals we are.

The human figure is an important part of my work. I frequently place my figures in "landscapes" in which the person is interacting with their environment. The environment might be a giant wave they are sailing on, or a cliff they are climbing. Sometimes the landscapes are symbolic shapes, such as a large circle representing eternity. Part of the purpose of my work is creating something that can be widely interpreted. I'm interested in making sculptures that can be relatable to people on different levels. I hope others find new meanings from my work that even I hadn't considered.


Public Art

Columbia Basin College – Pasco, Wa. –May 2019

  • My sculpture ‘The Voyage” was purchased by a patron, and gifted to Columbia Basin College in Pasco Washington. The Sculpture is now part of the schools permanent art collection. The sculpture is seven feet tall by 5 feet wide. It is made of steel and covered with a clear enamel spray to inhibit rusting. The sculpture is an abstracted representation of an ocean wave. In the center of the front of the wave is a small boat with figure inside the boat

Percival Plinth Project – Olympia, WA. –June 2019 - June 2020

  • Two Sculptures titled “Work” and “The Giant and I” were selected to be on display for a year-long outdoor exhibit at the cities beautiful Percival Landing park overlooking the Puget Sound. “The Giant and I” won the city’s purchase award and will become part of the city of Olympia’s permanent art collection. It features a large abstracted human figure standing on a sphere with their arms outstretched. Within the figure’s hands is a small person they are looking down at.  The Sculpture, “Work” has a triangular base supporting a large ring, about 3.5 feet in diameter. Within the ring is a human figure pushing a sphere. This sculpture is 6 feet tall.

Private Sculpture Commision – Garland, Tx. – July 2019

  • Mr. R. Smith of Garland Texas commissioned a 6.5 foot tall sculpture in May of 2019. The Sculpture was titled “the Journey” and was completed and shipped in July of 2019. This sculpture will be on the city’s public art register and will be on public display.

Private Sculpture commision – Garland, Tx. – January 2020

  • Mr. R. Smith of Garland Texas commissioned another a 6.5 foot tall sculpture to be placed at the entrance to an outdoor art park in downtown Garland. The Sculpture features the numbers and letters, “506ART”, crafted in three dimension and connected vertically. Four human figures are placed on the piece; one at the top, one towards the bottom and two figures in the center. This sculpture will be on the city’s public art register and will be on public display.

Art Currents project – Coeur D’alene, ID. –October 2019 - September 2020

  • “The Climb,” an eight foot tall steel sculpture, was selected by the city of Coeur d’Alene’s art commission, to be in its outdoor art exhibit. The sculpture was placed in the city’s artistic downtown where it will be for one year.

Art Shows 

Allied Arts Gallery. Richland, WA. March 2019

  • Part of a two person show in the gallery through the month of March 2019.

Art In The Park - Richland, WA –July 2017 & 2019

  • Invited to display and sell original artwork as part of the annual art show.

Esvelt art Gallery at Columbia Basin College. Pasco, WA. June – Aug. 2017

  • Part of a two person show in the gallery featuring both large and smaller steel sculptures.